Team Vendors – Zia Ur Rehman Danish

I met Zia Ur Rehman Danish of Team Vendors almost a year ago. Now Team Vendor does, brand activation, outdoor advertising, branding, event management and layout designing.

                    Zia Ur Rehman Danish

Zia, after completing his MBA in Management and Marketing in 2012, joined his father’s business. His father started as a third-party vendor for advertising industry in 1997. He remained low key; therefore, business was only enough to sustain the family.

When Zia joined the business, he wanted to take leaps. He wanted to use business theories he studied during his MBA. He started identifying weak areas of his family business and learnt that the biggest reason for stagnant business is the lack of creativity. His father was simply producing as per direction from his clients, not offering additional value for money moreover, lack of proper costing was resulting in financial losses!

Zia presented some new ideas to his father, who discouraged him. He however continued persuading his father to consider adding event management using the existing clientele. With some initial hesitation, Zia was able to convince his father. Business expanded. Zia took lead and within one year, added in profitability.

In 2014, business was handed over to Zia. He added brand activation, branding on wheels etc. One of the biggest challenge at that stage for him was to get new business from new clients. Finding entry point was critical – he was young and appeared inexperience.

He requested me to mentor him with for business growth. I remember he said, “I need to develop relationship with senior management in large companies, however I do not get noticed.” I told him that networking is a process, it takes time and a bit of basic techniques, this can be done well – And learning from failures lead us to innovation and creativity!

Our first meeting lasted for about an hour. I gave him some ideas for developing his business and shared Steve Job’s quote “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.”

His first big victory was a major importer and distributor of durable electronics. Margins were low, but still profitable.

Next client was a multinational. Bigger client, bigger challenges!

And the biggest challenge was delivering service on time. Since the client was paying handsomely, Zia started paying premium for quality service. Result was referrals to other large companies.  

At that stage, he started using LinkedIn paid service for promotion of his business. Idea clicked and another multinational client added.

Now was the time to change the business model completely. Zia used outsourcing model, he outsourced work that was eating-up his time. He started focusing only on high value stuff for his time. Since in this line of business, labor is the biggest issue. By outsourcing, he shifted the burden to his vendors.

Growth in Team Vendors is evident. More clients, more work, more profits. Zia wanted to remain at the growth trajectory. My mentoring taught him to go for win-win situation, never undertake ventures for small profits, dress for success and invest in personal development.

Major learning:

Outsourcing models is great to reduce time pressure and labor issues.

Continues creativity is essential to beat competition.

Your client and vendors are your business – Keep them happy.

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