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Few months ago I was approached by an aspiring entrepreneur Irfan Elahi, CEO and Founder of TownTawks, a technology venture. He requested me to mentor TownTawks team during the start-up process.  I am pleased to share Irfan’s views on how our mentor-mentee relationship helped his start-up. This is a series of three to four posts. These posts will be hyperlinked for ease of readership.

It is said that there are patterns almost everywhere, and it is equally true in for Entrepreneurship also.  Whenever someone thinks of getting his feet wet with Entrepreneurship, after getting captivated with his romantic visionary dreams of changing the world; the very next thing that almost always crosses the minds of those budding entrepreneurs is none other than finding a great mentor. And indeed, the versatile role of mentoring in the success of entrepreneurial startups can never be defied.

However it’s observed that there is a lot of vagueness surrounding the concept of mentoring. This vagueness and grayness usually results into absurd expectations anticipated from this noble bond. Based on our exposure while being into the entrepreneurial realm since long, we’ve gathered that for some, mentoring is like Spoon-Feeding of entrepreneurs. Whereas some are of this opinion that mentoring has also something very important to do with the initial idea cultivation phase of a startup.

Such ambiguities generally lead to false expectations in the mentor-mentee bond which have to be avoided in all probable cases. In our humble yet realistic opinion, Mentorship is more or less congruent to the following:

  • Adding huge intangible value to budding entrepreneurs expeditions by leveraging the broad insight, in-depth exposure and versatile experiences of the mentor.
  • Benefit scope of mentoring can be understood in this perspective that this process actually grooms and guides the entrepreneurs.
  • It helps entrepreneurs to be vigilant enough to possibly avoid the mistakes which mentors may have committed in their experience before or may have seen others committing.
  • Check emerging trends and business norms
  • Improve decision-making process helping entrepreneurs to see through the circumstances thus making this process more mature.
  • Making entrepreneurs reflect more critically and deliberately on the risks associated with every intermittent decision in their journey to glory.

Legends say that Time is a great teacher and there can be no substitute for experience by any means. And Mentoring of startups all around the world are the living instances which orchestrate these legends in practical forms. In this context, we are highly privileged to have Mr. Hammad Siddiqui with us in our startup as our highly respectable mentor J All of this started with the Eureka Moment of our startup, towntawks.

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