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Unemployment will remain a major challenge in the third world countries. South Asia, particularly Pakistan is no exception! According to a World Bank report titled “Challenges for Youth Employment in Pakistan: Are They Youth-Specific?” globally about 23 percent of the total young work force are “young working poor,” with earnings of less than $1 a day.  The report further suggests that,

“In the case of Pakistan, there is a growing recognition of the political urgency to respond to the challenges of youth employment. The challenges are multi-faceted. The transition from school to the labor market is not smooth; the youth unemployment rate is higher than the adult unemployment rate; many young people work in the informal sector as unpaid family workers, own-account, or casual wage workers; and female youth are in worse shape than their male counterparts on various employment dimensions.”

There is a large number of educated youth that can use their intellectual capabilities in engaging those fall the in category of “Poor” in entrepreneurial activities. We are seeing a number of initiatives focusing the development of social enterprises in the country.

I came across an exciting project called “The One Rupee Project”. Overarching aim of this project is “working towards sustainable Pakistan”.

Initiated by a group of students, civil society activists and professionals, this project is about brining change in the country towards the taboos of unemployment. This very enthusiastic group wants to spark a silent revolution among all Pakistanis to unite and work towards one common goal: improving entrepreneurial opportunities and creating a self-sustainable Pakistan.

Multi facet mission is to educate people, curtail unemployment, eradicate poverty and make them self-sustainable, along with inculcating civic sense.

The One Rupee Project wishes to mobilize individuals, who earn reasonable income (both salaried AND self employed), in a movement to support the cause of eradicating poverty in the next 10 years.

The group aims to generate funds through:

Organizations: Companies that can contribute by giving The One Rupee Project, one rupee on every transaction / sale generated. In phase 2 of the project, they plan to sign up retail businesses to offer discounts to The One Rupee Project, membership card holders.

Individuals: Who are willing to pay at least one rupee every day, a total of only Rs. 365 for a year. In phase 2 of the project, the individuals will be issued membership cards of The One Rupee Project, which they can avail for discounts in their favorite restaurants and outlets.

Plans, Targets & Social Investment

Funds generated through The One Rupee Project will be spent in 5 areas to make Pakistan’s fundamental foundation strong, i.e., its people:

  • Education
  • Primary &Secondary Education
  • Higher Education Scholarship Fund
  • Skill Development
  • Skill Development
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship

Phased Launch:

Phase I – Awareness and Corporate Partnerships – Starting from 23rd March – We’re planning a bloggers meet-up on the launch. If you intend to register yourself for the same, please head over to: http://bit.ly/FPzL6X

Phase 2 – Public donations, Retail partnerships,

Phase 3 – SME Funding & Business Incubation

It is an interesting project that could be replicated in other developing countries. To stay in touch with them, you may wish to join their facebook page:

Follow us on Twitter: @OneRupeeProject

You can join me on Facebook & Twitter

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Munnira Sohail
Munnira Sohail

An important topic, presented and announced nicely. Best wishes to the organizers. Just to add a point here, the current situation of our country is so challenging to everyone that even experienced people are on the striving mode. Only self-driven people could sustain substantial growth level others keep on strolling around the same search of good professional jobs with job security.


Thank you for writing on such an important topic and about an excellent project.