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Social media and digital marketing sphere has been changing so quickly, it is impossible for businesses and entrepreneurs to keep track of these changing dynamics. Tools, applications and techniques all are being updated, revised and improved on a daily basis.

If we look at the recent past, Facebook advertisement, groups and fan pages were considered effective mediums for promoting brands. Google Ads are also extremely popular for promoting local and international businesses.

Entrepreneurs liked the versatility of these two platforms for one unique reason “Targeted Marketing”. Both Facebook and Google have done a lot of work in indexing their viewership. Their business model provides entrepreneurs and brand managers opportunity to promote their product, services or brands to specific viewership in a targeted country or region.

One of the key reasons for Facebook or Google ads popularity is the controllability of budget. In the time of extremely cut-throat competition, entrepreneurs and corporate find it too challenging to slice their budget for all advertisement mediums. TV or print media campaigns are also reasonably well targeted, but it is not possible for businesses to control the budget. In case of Facebook or Google advertisement, campaigns could me stopped or resumed by almost one click.  These two platforms provide extraordinary room for maneuvering and experimenting with advertisements. One can change design, text and demography to see which one works and otherwise.

Undoubtedly Facebook revolution has played the key role in changing the way people used to market products, services and brands. In simplest possible words, its share size which according to internet world statistics has reached at 835 million in March 2012. Since Facebook is a social network, its ability to build communities and also engage these communities in discussions, competition and debate has given it a major edge over Google Ads.

Today, Facebook is the most recommended platforms for entrepreneurs and brands.  Following are five key reasons for using Facebooks as a preferred medium for advertisement and community engagement:

  1. Facebook offers a more impactful and marketing platform.
  2. It is prompt and engaging.
  3. It is searchable on Google.
  4. It has the ability to create a relationship between the community, entrepreneurs and brands.
  5. It is highly viral. The multiplier effect can help brands reach out to massive community.
  6. It has a great facility to sharing pictures and videos.
  7. Excellent tools for surveys and social media interconnectivity are available.
  8. People like it and prefer it over other social media channels.

A lot needs to be explored and there is always room for experimenting with new applications and utility tools. Entrepreneurs must not ignore this Facebook opportunity!

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