Why So Few Leaders Offer New Ideas

Richard Brody

Leadership is a well written topic. There are numrous explanation on leadership traits. In one of my blogs, I wrote that Creativity is perhaps a key Factor in Leadership Competency. Recently I read an excellent article written by Richard Brody focusing the similar views. I am grateful to Richard for allowing me to publish his article on my blog. Enjoy reading!

Have you ever wondered why there are so many remakes, sequels and prequels of  movies, television programs, and Broadway shows, especially when someone might  wonder why some of those were ever made in the first place? It seems that far  too many leaders follow that same sort of reasoning, and that is probably a  major factor in our overall dearth of leadership. Mark Twain summarized it  perfectly when he said, “A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea  succeeds.” True leaders must constantly search out and develop new ideas and  concepts, in order to assure a smooth evolution and maintain relevancy for their  organization. What are some of the reasons for this behavior?

1. Since often the individual who ascends to leadership is not truly  qualified, trained or capable, he simply either doesn’t have or formulate ideas.  This type of individual sometimes doesn’t recognize the need for change until  it’s often too late, and therefore doesn’t realize that new ideas are needed.  Movies, television shows and plays do remakes, prequels and sequels because they  feel there is considerably less risk commercially in doing the same old- same  old. Unfortunately, far too many leaders have immersed themselves in the same  type of convoluted thinking, being unwilling to address the need for ideas that  may sometimes be somewhat outside- the- box.

2. Far too many leaders are afraid of ridicule. They seem to fear that if  they come up with an alternative way to do something and get it done that they  will be challenged by others who wish to maintain the status quo. While it is  generally irresponsible for somewhat to simply make wholesale changes for the  sake of making change, it is poor leadership to shy away from looking at things  from alternative approaches to address either pressing issues, or potential  ones.

3. To be perfectly frank, many in leadership positions do not belong as  leaders, and do not have the needed commitment nor effort. In my over three  decades of qualifying, training and working with more than a thousand leaders,  far too many of them would rather find the easiest way out (lazy), and often  appear to be going through the motions rather than doing what’s necessary. Many  of these individuals seem to believe that is easier to do the same thing than to  be innovative, and often by the time a true leader arrives, he is backed into a  crisis mode rather than a proactive one.

4. Too many false leaders are more interested in glory and popularity than  they are in being the best leaders that they can be. Glory, acclaim and  popularity have no place in perfecting leadership.

True leaders understand that there is no actual leadership without a viable  vision, and a motivating vision is impossible without understanding and  creative, forward thinking ideas.

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