Wood Carvers – Entrepreneurship Story from Multan

Most female entrepreneurs in South Asia prefer starting their entrepreneurial career in fields such as jewelry, garments and fashion accessories.

I would like to introduce Mahnaz Amir Sheikh – She was brave enough to enter in a new business line and started making wooden furniture. This entrepreneurship story was sent to me from Multan, the capital city of South Punjab by Fariha Munir Shah.

Her story begins in 1998, when was persuaded by her mother; she set up her furniture line, under the label of ‘Wood Carvers’. Basic idea was to cater, to the furnishing requirements of those, who prefer class with quality, sticking essentially to the aristocratic taste, yet contemporary and modern designs. Though, in the beginning, her immediate market was her own family and friends.

But a single, solo exhibition brought her paraphernalia out to the world, as a raving success. For which she had advertised vigorously, extended individual invitations and was supported by all her family

and friends, who spread the word of finery of her work extensively. In short, she worked strategically towards building her brand in her very first exhibition.

In the beginning, she only had four carpenters at her workshop. Soon she realized that quality craftsmanship will be the key to success and decided to outreach to carpenter and finishers in Karachi. The business grew and now she has a staff of 40. They all are experts in the art of furniture making, upholstery, polishing and painting. Over the period of time, she also built a clientele that love her products.

She began with a simple idea, a product that is required by every office, residences, guest houses, etc. This product is “furniture”.

According to her, business has been successful because there is a lot of construction in Pakistan and around the globe. Particularly in countries like Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and other middle eastern states, which are easy to access markets for Pakistani businesses. The only requirement is proper networking and connection building. Like in her work, the role of architects, interior designers and decorators is undeniable. They are the people, who create the living spaces and not just suggest or recommend the owners, to buy the furniture, but also buy stuff to complete their work plans. These links have been of great help in business development.

Mahnaz emphasizes the role of media in the promotion and success of any business and proper publicity and networking through internet and social websites benefit immensely. She believes, in this modern world, no business exists, till it has a proper web presence. She does not have a website yet, but is in the process of developing one.

Mahnaz is thankful to God for all her achievements. And is also grateful to the people around her, who supported her to become, what she is today. And most Importantly to her inspirational mother, who motivated her to become an entrepreneur, inspired her to join local women’s chamber of commerce, supported her at every step and also provided start-up funds her also for establishing this business.

She reinforces the fact that an entrepreneur, must participate in all the international and national, trade fairs and exhibitions and must not, in any case, give up on one’s dreams. One must work smart to achieve the entrepreneurial objectives.

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